At CABNC-TV, we are building an IT infrastructure that puts us in the race for the number one position in the delivery of Diaspora news and resources.

From real-time delivery of our web TV programming to delivery of resources to empower our viewers, we are continually growing and growing quickly.

Our website is already equipped with the technology necessary to deliver real-time multimedia content to you. From MPEG-DASH to RTMP live streaming, we are equipped to deliver. And within a few months, we will host viewer call-in programs with this technology.

Also, did you notice? We self-host our prerecorded multimedia content. We never stream from third-party resources like YouTube and Vimeo. It is all done in-house to eliminate third-party control of our content.

If you would like to grow your organization, we also have in-house technology to deliver your ads during our live or prerecorded programs. Call us to learn more!

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