April 13, 2019

Developing Story: 11 winners from around the world for Development Marketplace 2019 Award

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April 13, 2019

By 2030, nearly 9 in 10 extremely poor people will be Africans by David Malpass

Good morning everyone. Welcome to the World Bank and IMF Spring Meetings. I am honored to be joining you this morning as World Bank Group President. […]
April 13, 2019

World Bank Group President David Malpass at the Spring Meetings 2019

April 11, 2019 Washington, D.C. MR. THEIS:  Good morning.  Thanks for coming.  I’m David Theis, the World Bank’s Press Secretary.  Welcome to our first press briefing […]
March 7, 2019

CABNC-TV Announces A New Initiative EXPLORE AFRICA: Ethiopian Airlines Becomes A Sponsor

Explore Africa: Showcasing the Best Africa has to Offer in Business and Tourism On behalf of the entire CABNC-TV and Bordernation team, we would like to […]
January 24, 2019

Developing Story: Pics of the Ghana National Cathedral Project in Washington D.C

Developing Story: Pics of the Ghana National Cathedral Project meeting in Washington DC News by: AbdulRasheed Abubakar, International Content (News) Correspondent Washington D.C, January 24, 2019 […]
January 20, 2019

The Africa CEO Summit 2019 in Washington DC

ALEXANDRIA, VA January 18, 2019 (CABNC-TV) – The Moroccan American Network has officially announced that, the Fourth CEO Summit focusing on small business opportunities from the […]
November 1, 2018

Entrepreneurship, youth expected to reshape future of global Islamic economy

Dubai UAE, October 31, 2018- The emergence of exciting young startups and brands that are perceived as ethical and cool was the topic of the final plenary […]
November 1, 2018

GIES 2018 concludes with call to adopt new technologies to advance Islamic economy

Dubai October 31, 2018-The Global Islamic Economy Summit 2018 in Dubai concluded earlier today with a call for halal industries to embrace innovative technologies in order […]
October 30, 2018

Dubai: Governments can benefit by embracing innovation, disruption

Dubai UAE October 30, 2018 – Governments that are willing to embrace change, foster innovation and adopt disruptive technologies can gain a competitive edge as they adapt […]
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