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Nigeria: Shell Oil Company bribed Witnesses

Nigeria: Shell Oil Company bribed Witnesses


Amsterdam, October 09, 2019 (CABNC): A court in the Netherlands has been looking into allegations that the oil company Shell bribed witnesses during the 1995 trial in Nigeria that led to the executions of nine environmental activists, including Ken Saro Wiwa.

Shell has denied all allegations that it was complicit in the deaths which followed what was widely viewed as a sham trial.

Widows Victoria Bera (left) and Esther Kiobel (right) have taken the case to the court in The Hague

A witness who was acquitted during the trial, Ledum Mitee, has told the court in The Hague that Shell promised jobs, houses and money to prosecution witnesses if they testified against the activists known as the Ogoni nine.

On Tuesday the court heard from witnesses who said Shell had offered them bribes. For the last 17 years the widow of one of the executed men – Esther Kiobel – has been trying to seek justice over the killings.

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