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Nigeria records first case of Coronavirus

Nigeria records first case of Coronavirus


By: Paul Olele

Lagos State (CABNC-TV) – Nigerian officials in Lagos confirmed the first case of the Coronavirus in the country on Friday morning. The person involved is an Italian male citizen, who came into country on a Turkish Airlines flight from Istanbul on the 24th of February.

The latest outbreak of the Coronavirus makes it the third official case to be confirmed on the African continent.

Nigerian officials reported that the man stayed at a hotel near the Lagos Muritala Muhammad International Airport, before making his way to his place of residence in Ogun State. They added that the man was treated on the 26th at the company’s medical clinic before he was transferred to containment facility on the 27th of February in Yaba, Lagos.

With the spread of the virus, many Nigerians fear the potential outcomes the disease could have on the country; however, Folasade Ogunsola, a professor of clinical microbiology at the University of Lagos, remained optimistic as she believes that Nigeria is well prepared to fight this disease.

“Nigeria has dramatically improved its ability to manage the outbreak of a major pandemic since the Ebola scare in West Africa in 2014,” Ogunsola said.

Dr. Ngozi Erondu, an associate fellow in the Global Health Program at the Chatham House in London, said that the fact that Nigeria has been able to report this in two days reflects positive signs.

Nigerian officials confirmed that they are working to reach out to all the people, who were in contact with the man following his arrival in the country a few days ago.

The recent reports of the coronavirus have prompted skepticism from other neighboring African countries, who are very concerned about the spread of the virus. Kenya has taken preventive measures to protect its citizens; however, the country came under fire recently for launching direct flights to China.

Many Kenyans have taken to social media to express their outrage on the decision taken by the government. Some also called out government for failing to move out Kenyan nationals stationed in Wuhan.

As at Friday, there were several lawsuits filed against the Kenyan government, which prompted the Kenya high court to suspend flights from China for a total of 10 days.

AbdulRasheed Abubakar

Broadcast Journalist | Media Entrepreneur | Publisher of Diaspora Today AbdulRasheed Abubakar is The CABNCTV’s UN Correspondent and Publisher of Diaspora Today Magazine (www.thediasporatoday.com). A University of Baltimore graduate, he has worked with the State of Maryland (DPSCS). He formerly worked for LTV8, Lagos, Nigeria. He has covered Diplomatic community, politics and International (news) Editorial and Anchor The Diaspora Today Show. He is director of a documentary on AFRICA Twitter: @AbdulRasheedaa_ Instagram: @abdulrasheedaa_

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