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Nigeria Young Entrepreneurs Advised on Investement

Nigeria Young Entrepreneurs Advised on Investement


Seun Bamiro, the CEO of Ynorth Wears urges Nigeria young entrepreneurs during a paper presentation at 10th year anniversary of reunion of GCI Old Students yesterday in Ibadan that young entrepreneurs should choose a sector they desire in other to be a key player in their early age.

Mr seun also shared with the audience that Ynorth Wears sprang up in 2010 with a strong desire to be one of the major players in fashion industry in Africa by producing Made in Nigeria Wears.

He stretched further that Ynorth Wears is now one of the fashion companies in Nigeria that have highest workforce, likewise Ynorth has over 75 outlets across the states,

Mr Seun adviced government to increase the level of support to small scale businesses in 2020, also encouraged entrepreneurs to always help government to solve some minor problems in the society.

Mr Seun attestify that Ynorth Wears has solved many problems in educational sector by executing a project called Back to School which provided alot of footwears for the students across all the states that Ynorth outlet is located.

Recently Ynorth Wears open another store in Osun Mall, Oshogbo , Palms Mall IBADAN and Jara Mall Ikeja lagos

He thanked the organizers, also reminded the audience about new Mega Store of Ynorth Wears that will be opened ikeja Lagos in January, 2020.

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