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Sports in Model Office Pilot Program

Sports in Model Office Pilot Program


The first pilot group of students that’ll help us validate and refine our new ways of working with SAP systems has been announced.

Students studying the BSc in Sports, Fitness and Coaching who are registering for the Level 1 modules; Introduction to Sports and Fitness and Working with People in Sports and Fitness will, from March 2020, have services provided for them by a newly created ‘Model Office’ team and system.

The Model Office has been created as a means of testing workflows, functionality and capability in a controlled manner.

This will help us define our future ways of working once the systems are rolled out OU-wide.

Reflecting our institutional focus on student success and the fact that all our systems and processes must be focused on meeting the needs of our students, the Model Office will be sponsored by Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor Students, Liz Marr.

Liz will be supported by a Model Office Governance Group, which will include the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Josie Fraser, Acting Director of Academic Services, Claire Baines and senior members of the Core Systems Replacement team.

Everyone taking part in the pilot group will be asked to feedback throughout their journey, providing insight and ideas that will help us shape the way we work.

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