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Thanksgiving and Bazaar African-style in Corona Queens, New York City

Thanksgiving and Bazaar African-style in Corona Queens, New York City


New York City, November 17, 2019 (CABNC) – Nigerians in New York City celebrates the annual Thanksgiving and Bazaar African-style in Corona Queens. It started in 1995, when like minds young adult male and female came together and began celebrating mass in their native Igbo language (South East, Nigeria) every third Sunday of the Month.

Dr. George Onuorah, Author, and Humanitarian

Dr. George Onuorah who was one of the original people who gave birth to this native Igbo worship group said “kinship spirit, love for one another and desire to maintain cultural identity while living in the diaspora” was among the reasons that inspired the formation of group.


Harvest and Bazaar are very common and popular in their native country where around the end of year Christians give thanks for what God has done for them over the year. This particular celebration was marked with church service with the choir singing songs of praise and worship, such instruments as drums and metal gongs can be heard as well.

The best highlight of the occasion was the children entertainment inside the church auditorium, as the music blasted by the DJ these young ones danced in vintage traditional and were sprayed with money. One can actually say the group is still realizing the importance of why they came together under one religious umbrella 24 years ago.


AbdulRasheed Abubakar

Broadcast Journalist | Media Entrepreneur | Publisher of Diaspora Today AbdulRasheed Abubakar is The CABNCTV’s UN Correspondent and Publisher of Diaspora Today Magazine (www.thediasporatoday.com). A University of Baltimore graduate, he has worked with the State of Maryland (DPSCS). He formerly worked for LTV8, Lagos, Nigeria. He has covered Diplomatic community, politics and International (news) Editorial and Anchor The Diaspora Today Show. He is director of a documentary on AFRICA Twitter: @AbdulRasheedaa_ Instagram: @abdulrasheedaa_

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