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Tunisia goes to poll to elect a new President

Tunisia goes to poll to elect a new President


London, Sep 15, 2019 (CABNC) Voting have closed in Tunisia, which is holding its second presidential poll since the 2011 uprising that toppled ex-president Ben Ali and sparked the Arab Spring.

Twenty-six candidates, including two women, are contesting to become the president in the election. The outcome is difficult to predict but Kais Saied who is an unaffiliated and independent cadidate is believed to have done well in the first round of votes based on the exit polls.

Despite calls for young Tunisians to vote, the turnout at the polling booths was low at 44%.

Mr Essebsi won Tunisia’s first free presidential elections in 2014

The death of Tunisia’s first democratically elected president, Mr Essebsi in 2014 after the uprising had been the reason to bring forward the election. Mr Essebsi died at the age of 92, at the time of his death was the world’s oldest had of state. It is widely viewed as a test of one of the world’s youngest democracies, but there were reports that few of those travelling to polling booths were young.

Official results are not expected until Tuesday.

The Election Process

The candidate with the majority of votes wins the election. If no candidate gets a majority in the first round, a second decisive round is triggered with the two candidates with most votes. The winner is sworn in for a five-year term.

The constitution states that Tunisia’s president has control over the defence, foreign policy, and national security. The prime minister, chosen by parliament, is responsible for other portfolios.

Parliamentary elections are scheduled to take place in October.

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